Friday, December 11, 2015

Being in Bed with Mosquitoes: the Teacher Scene

“Being in bed with Mosquitoes: The Teacher Scene”

Some of us, during the course of our lives, will try to swim along with the ebb and others against the tide. However, eventually, we all have to swim, willy-nilly, else sinking would be our end. This also includes the world of ideas that people conjure up which consists the most difficult step to starting up an idea, a project, or course of action and this is the kick-off. This fact is corroborated by Statistics that show that 90% of start-ups fail even before starting. So, what is about investing in being a teacher for you? how do we know whether it will be an epic win or a complete fiasco for our career? Since I’m from Algeria, a typical Middle Eastern country, in our patrimony, a teacher is considered to be the legitimate heir of the oracles and prophets because as the former enlightens the minds and hearts so as the latter. Indeed, Prophets use the power of miracles as a proof for their prophecy; while teachers use the power of endurance as a proof that a white paper can be filled with many wonders that have the potential to change the world. This dynamic of change is mainly conveyed by means of language with its broader notional definition that is a set of symbols whether graphic or auditory encoded and arranged in a systematic way.